20 Things to Do in Chiang Mai


Welcome, to my town…Chiang Mai

It’s a wonderful town and I know you will have a good time there.  People I meet are constantly asking for advice on Chiang Mai – it’s a popular place to visit and I understand the draw.  Where to go? What to do?  I keep writing personal notes or emails to these people and figured it was about time to put the advice online for all to see.

How much time do you have? In Chiang Mai, I mean?  That will, to an extent determine what you can see, where you can go.  For the purposes of this article, I’ll assume a week.

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Sepak Takraw

Takraw Ball

Takraw Ball

A kilometer north of the North Gate of the Old Town of Chiang Mai, there is a massive sports complex.  From Google Earth, it appears to have more than 60 buildings, though somewhat difficult confirm on the ground, it’s just too big and spread out.  There must be a hundred sports and activities played here, including football, volleyball, ping pong, badminton, and a very exciting and unbelievable game called Sepak Takraw.   Continue reading

Entrust TEFL: It’s A Joke

Actors In Job Placement Circus

Actors InThe Job Placement Circus

There has been a great deal of drama surrounding the placement of my peers during (and following) the TEFL training course. There has been an even larger dearth of professionalism throughout the process.

Overall, the placement process was rushed, expectations were poorly set, individuals were unprepared, and there was an utter lack of customer service. It’s really not my battle since I haven’t asked Entrust TEFL to place me in a job, but let me explain so that those of you thinking of enrolling in the Entrust TEFL program or teaching in Thailand will have some background that my peers in the program and I did not have. (Thank you for your questions and emails.)

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Entrust TEFL: Final Exam

Final Exam Poolside

Final Exam Poolside

The final exam for our TEFL course was administered poolside with an open book and, in some cases, beers on the table and cigarettes in hand.  Calls to prayer from the nearby mosque, spinning fans, children splashing in the pool.  “I must say, this is the most unique setting of a test ever, ” said Shaun.  Can you argue with him? Continue reading