Pakbeng and Leanne

Yep, I'm The Funniest Person They Know

Yep, I’m The Funniest Person They Know

The day starts early.  Leanne and I meet for breakfast at 7:15.  She is taking a couple weeks off traveling to simply breathe.  Me, well, I’m to be on a boat at 8:30 according to my line of thinking yesterday, but as the time approaches, I am less inclined to move.  When in doubt about a next step, sometimes it is best to stand still.  So that’s what I’ve decided to do.   Continue reading

Entrust TEFL: It’s A Joke

Actors In Job Placement Circus

Actors InThe Job Placement Circus

There has been a great deal of drama surrounding the placement of my peers during (and following) the TEFL training course. There has been an even larger dearth of professionalism throughout the process.

Overall, the placement process was rushed, expectations were poorly set, individuals were unprepared, and there was an utter lack of customer service. It’s really not my battle since I haven’t asked Entrust TEFL to place me in a job, but let me explain so that those of you thinking of enrolling in the Entrust TEFL program or teaching in Thailand will have some background that my peers in the program and I did not have. (Thank you for your questions and emails.)

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Entrust TEFL: Week 2, Part Three: English Camp

Teachers Demonstrating (I Hope) A Game

Teachers Demonstrating (I Hope) A Game

I’m not going to lie to you, I was quite hung over this morning.  We all were.  After two days of classroom practical training and relentlessly adoring live children to teach, we were all ready to blow off some steam.  And we did so, in fine fashion, with a little pool party last night.  But amazingly, the lethargy and rough edges vanished when we arrived at the school.  The energy of the children made us instantly forget about ourselves and we were instantly strong and powerful again. Continue reading

IHF Rescue House

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.13.05 PM

Emotionally and physically abused, receiving no education or healthcare, and is underfed and being groomed for prostitution at very early ages.  These are the lives of many children of the hill tribes north of Chiang Rai.  Some find hope and a future through an organization called the International Humanity Foundation.



The IHF operates homes for children in Indonesia, Kenya, and Thailand.  The founder of IHF, Carol Sasaki, works with the Lahu tribe in Thailand identifying at-risk children and offering them assistance.  With tribal and/or parental consent, she brings the child to the IHF center in Chiang Rai where they receive love and care, food and a bed, education and encouragement, and a support system of other children from their tribe that have come from similar circumstances. Continue reading