Entrust TEFL: It’s A Joke

Actors In Job Placement Circus

Actors InThe Job Placement Circus

There has been a great deal of drama surrounding the placement of my peers during (and following) the TEFL training course. There has been an even larger dearth of professionalism throughout the process.

Overall, the placement process was rushed, expectations were poorly set, individuals were unprepared, and there was an utter lack of customer service. It’s really not my battle since I haven’t asked Entrust TEFL to place me in a job, but let me explain so that those of you thinking of enrolling in the Entrust TEFL program or teaching in Thailand will have some background that my peers in the program and I did not have. (Thank you for your questions and emails.)

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Sky Lanterns (Khom Loi)

Sending wishes into the universe…

Nico, Sean, John, and Shaun  Releasing A Sky Lantern

Nico, Sean, John, and Shaun Releasing A Sky Lantern

About a week ago, I was out and about, and thought to myself, it might be cool to get everyone in my TEFL class some Sky Lanterns.  So the night before our final exam (and graduation, we all assumed), I got the team together to send our hopes, wishes, and dreams into the night sky. Continue reading