Epic Arts – Happy!

Epic Arts - Kampot, Cambodia

Epic Arts – Kampot, Cambodia

EPiC (Every Person Counts)

I’ve been meaning to post this for some time.   One of my favorite places to eat and a really heart-warming place in Kampot, Cambodia is called Epic Arts.  They provide employment, education, creative services, and an outlet for the deaf and disabled community of the town. Continue reading

30 Things to Do In Kampot, Cambodia

This is Everything You Need to Know about Kampot

This is Everything You Need to Know about Kampot

There are no theme parks in Kampot. No Ziplines or elephants to ride. There is no zoo, museum, or theatre. Not even a beach.  And you can’t shoot AK-47s or bazookas here either. So, what makes Kampot so special?  And why is it my favorite town in Southeast Asia?

It’s the vibe, man, so just sit back and chill out. And while there may not be the typical array of tourist attractions, there is plenty to do. Here, I’ll share with you some things to do in Kampot.

Be warned: many of the visitors to Kampot I’ve known end up overstaying their reservations and extending their stay – some indefinitely.  It’s that kind of place. Continue reading

First Night in Vietnam

Cambodia / Vietnam Border Crossing at Ha Tien

Cambodia / Vietnam Border Crossing at Ha Tien

I publish this first day’s account of Vietnam as an exercise in judging how different first impressions are from well-informed ones.  Later on, there will be many follow ups in which I probably retract all my initial observations.  I also want to share with fellow travelers my experiences at this border crossing.

First of all, I have to say that Vietnam has impressed me (mostly from the view out a bus window today).  I am generally impressed with the infrastructure and the hale, hearty look of the people I saw on my rural journey today.  For a country with such a large percentage of its population well below the (government idealized) poverty line, most everyone appeared happy and healthy.

I also feel like a child.  I know what I want, but don’t have the words to get any of it….so, I point, I pantomime, and I laugh.   Continue reading

Siem Reap Epic Day

Climbing Temples at Being Mealea

Climbing Temples at Being Mealea

The Siem Reap Epic Day


Landmine Museum

Banteay Srei

Kbal Spean

Beng Mealea


In 1944, Maurice Glaize, Conservator of Angkor Wat, said, “A trip to Being Mealea, which in itself demands an entire day, can be combined with a hunting party, since the region is rich in both small and large game and wild animals; tigers, panthers and elephants, herds of oxen and wild buffalo inhabit the forest.”


About 65km north of Siem Reap is one of the older temple sites from the Khmer Empire, Beng Mealea.   Continue reading