24 Things To Do in Da Lat, Vietnam

Xuan Huong Lake and Da Lat, Vietnam

Xuan Huong Lake and Da Lat, Vietnam

For a relatively small town, Da Lat packs a real punch when it comes to activities and sights. With so much to do, this town should feel ‘touristy’, but it somehow manages to escape that aura.

I will to provide an overview herein of some of the best things to do in Da Lat and the surrounding area. I compose this list for a wide audience, so take what you like, leave the rest. Not everything is for everyone, but there’s sure to be something for everyone here.

As an added bonus, 19 of 24 items on this list cost less than $2.50US to experience….many of them are entirely free. Continue reading

Da Lat, Vietnam

Xuan Huong Lake - Da Lat, Vietnam

Xuan Huong Lake – Da Lat, Vietnam

Formerly called “Petit Paris”, this village at 1500 meters is very different from any other place in Vietnam. French traditions linger here and there is a lot to do and see in this town that somehow maintains a small and cozy feeling.

I left Da Lat this morning after more than a week there. And while it was very cold up in the mountains, I enjoyed the city very much. In many ways, it reminded me of a European alpine village. Da Lat also boasts a wonderful array of activities for all comers. Continue reading

Yeah, I Climbed That

Pangour Falls - Outside Da Lat, Vietnam

Pangour Falls – Outside Da Lat, Vietnam

Located about 40kms south of Da Lat, Vietnam are the Pongour Falls. And if you’ve got a motorbike, getting there is a snap. The roads are nearly perfect and there is little to no traffic through the countryside.

The falls are amazing. And, yes, I climbed them. Continue reading

Da Lat Crazy House


Willie Wonka, Anton Gaudi, and Hunter S. Thompson walk into a bar…….

Would be a good joke, right?  If so, this building is the punchline…’they decide to build something together’.

It’s the Finnegan’s Wake of architecture.

For more than 25 years, Dang Viet Nga has been building one of the strangest pieces of architecture known to man.  She earned a PhD in Architecture at the University of Moscow five decades ago. So she must know what she’s doing, right?

Heck if I know!?! But I liked it.  Sort of….. Continue reading

Canyoning Da Lat


Abseiling Da Lat

Abseiling Da Lat

I’ve never met anyone that has taken this tour and not liked it. The people that went yesterday, they loved it. Friends that have been to Da Lat previously have raved about it. I’m not big on tours as a general rule (unless I am leading it), but this is one that I was told I had to do.

And guess what…? I LOVED IT TOO! Continue reading