For The Second Time Today, I’m Wearing Another Man’s Pants

Subtitle:  “How I Got A Monk’s Phone Number”

Bangkok Skyline

Bangkok Skyline

Day 2 – Bangkok, Thailand

So, I was on my way to the Christian Science Reading Room for a quiet, contemplative day—-ok, that’s a big fat lie.  But, when I left my hotel, I had no plan other than to head to the river and let fate blow me where she would.

Little did I know, the winds of fate would lead to: coffee at a monk’s house, a stressful (?) meditation session, a transvestite dance revue, and a thorough police shake-down.  Gee, thanks for entering my orbit, Deborah.

The Winds of Fate, as it turned out, was a random stranger standing next to me on the SkyTrain.  Deborah, an over-educated smarty-pants, total-barrel-of-monkeys-fun Social Scientist from NYC.  We were both headed to the water, so after a quick chat on the train, we pseudo-joined forces…at least in terms of trying to find the river and a water taxi.  Harmless enough, right….?
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