Pakbeng – The Slowest Boat Of All

Milo, Nayna, Nicola, and Nigel

Milo, Nayna, Nicola, and Nigel

So, yeah, no boat for me this morning, or yesterday morning, probably not tomorrow morning either.

I came to Pakbeng for a one night stay during a two day cruise down the mightly Mekong.  My personal raft is apparently stuck on this sandbar.  Oh sure, the actual boats come and go each morning happily moving travelers onward to the next destination, but the motivation to board one of these has not yet filled me.  Consequently, here I sit in this hamlet along the muddy river, charting daily the rise and fall of the water level, whiling away my time in cafes or trying to get a pickup game of badminton, happily in the company of my new friend Leanne.

As a transit town, there are hardly ever any people here for more than a night.  So as the locals become familiar with our faces, they become more interested, smiles come easier, and drink orders are recalled.  I suspect another week here and we could probably become registered voters. Continue reading

Huay Xai to Pakbeng, Laos

The Mighty Mekong

The Mighty Mekong

The slow boat to Luang Prabang from Huay Xai leaves at 11am from a ‘dock’ about 2 kms outside of town.  A bus takes some of us over there from the city centre at 9:30, leaving us some time to get a coffee and provisions for the boat ride.  We will be on the boat for some six hours today, ending up in a town called Pakbang.  We will be left to find accommodation for the night then rejoin the boat the following morning at 8:30. Continue reading

Pakbeng and Leanne

Yep, I'm The Funniest Person They Know

Yep, I’m The Funniest Person They Know

The day starts early.  Leanne and I meet for breakfast at 7:15.  She is taking a couple weeks off traveling to simply breathe.  Me, well, I’m to be on a boat at 8:30 according to my line of thinking yesterday, but as the time approaches, I am less inclined to move.  When in doubt about a next step, sometimes it is best to stand still.  So that’s what I’ve decided to do.   Continue reading