Yeah, I Climbed That

Pangour Falls - Outside Da Lat, Vietnam

Pangour Falls – Outside Da Lat, Vietnam

Located about 40kms south of Da Lat, Vietnam are the Pongour Falls. And if you’ve got a motorbike, getting there is a snap. The roads are nearly perfect and there is little to no traffic through the countryside.

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Exploring Phu Quoc – Part 2

Suoi Tranh, Phu Quoc

Suoi Tranh, Phu Quoc

TodayI am out exploring the island some more.  There’s a tentative list of things I’d like to see and do on the island while I am here.  So I set off to see if I could find any of them.  First stop was Suoi Tranh Waterfall in the middle of the island.

This was a lovely waterfall and pool of cool mountain water in which to swim.  I sat under the falls and let nature massage my shoulders for 30 minutes.  It was nice, but the much better waterfall experience was just around the corner.

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