Why Thailand

_64614582_thaidancer_afpI am always seeking a new adventure; a new culture, new country to explore and understand, new and different ways to live and enhance my understanding of what it means to be a ‘citizen of the world’.  My list of ‘top potential destinations’ is always fluid until the day comes when it’s time to make a move, make a decision, and buy a ticket.

The list of potential places for my next chapter included Indonesia, Thailand, Kenya, Australia, Ecuador, and China.  The “top spots” on my list sometimes can change daily depending on what I’ve read or with whom I’ve interacted.  But eventually, Thailand won my heart so I sat down and wrote out the list of reasons for it to ensure my head was in agreement.

In the end, the list looked like this:

Asia (I’ve never lived in the Far East before and frankly, that would have been enough for me to try it on for size)

Weather (I’m becoming a wimp on this score…I’ll visit the cold, but prefer to live in the warmth)

Language (I’d heard that Thai was one of the hardest languages to learn – a great challenge!)

AyutthayaBuddhism (With a population nearly 95% Buddhist, I’m intrigued by the potential for serenity – and perhaps a glimpse into my next life??)

Food (I love food and to explore a cuisine defined by fresh products and layer-upon-layer of flavors – sold)

History (while the Thai people have only been there since the 13th century, others have been living in the region for millenia)

Cost of Living (Thailand appears to be an inexpensive place to live – we shall see)

thailandLaunching Pad (There are 12 other countries within 2 hours drive, flight, or train – more adventures!)

and finally, James Bond (there’s an island named after him and the filming of “The Man with the Golden Gun” – and dammit, if its good enough for Bond, its good enough for me)

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